Motorola’s latest offering in linear imaging scanning is really impressive.  Linear imaging scanning has been around for a while, but the LI2208 moves things to the next level of speed, performance, and decoding.

One of the advantages of imaging scanning—2D or linear—is that you can scan on almost surface or through several substrates, such as plastic wrap or glass.  Imaging allows you to scan off a TV or computer screen, mobile device, or most any other surface.  Even though you will not be able to scan the popular 2D barcodes, such as QR or Datamatrix, you can still have your choice of almost all of the others.  Linear imagers have been very good at reading poorly printed barcodes as well.  The only drawback was that the depth of field, or distance from the barcode, was relatively short…until now!


The LI2208 can read and decode a standard UPC barcode from 1 inch to 30 inches.  Many linear laser scanners cannot do that.  The decode speed is incredible, so shaving a few milliseconds off a read will seem like you are saving hours.  OK, maybe that is a little exaggeration, but scanning side-by-side with your normal scanner will impress the skeptics.

Let’s talk about ruggedness.  One of the smart features that Motorola Solutions engineered into the product is single-board construction.  Scanners fail for a few reasons: the electronics loosen with time and use, and the laser scanner components become un-calibrated due to drops and abuse.  The single-board construction eliminates faulty electronic connections, and because there are no moving parts in the decode engine, there is nothing to break.  The LI2208 is drop tested to 5 and 6 foot drops to concrete hundreds of times, and it is tumble-tested for 2,000 drops, as well.  So, even if you are a butter-fingered klutz, Motorola backs up these products with a 5-year standard warranty.

Motorola offers holsters, holders, and stands for the LI2208.  The Intellistand—and the proper configuration—will let you use the LI2208 in presentation mode.  This means you can present a barcode to the scanner’s field of view; it will turn on, decode, and shut off.  You will not have to pull the trigger, unless you remove the scanner from the stand. 

I have a 70 mil retro-reflective sample barcode in my office that I am consistently hitting from 15-16 feet.  I also have a 70 mil white-poly label that I can hit from 12 feet.  I have verified that the UPC scan is consistent to the spec sheet: 1-30 inches.  The scanner also comes in Healthcare white.  Because you can wipe it down and disinfect it, it is a great aggressive scanner that can be used close to patient care points.  It is becoming extremely popular with healthcare facilities and professionals because of its price point, performance, and HC rating. 

All-in-all, you can’t beat the Motorola LI2208.  It is a great scanner for the money.  Check out for pricing and information.