Havis’ Universal Tablet Mount is secure and compatible within any mobile work environment.
Modernize Your Mobile Workforce with Tablet Computer Mounts
L-Tron Corporation announces the availability of the UT-201 Universal Tablet Mount by Havis.  Compatible with most 10-inch tablet computer models on the market, the new Universal Tablet Mount is conducive to improved productivity among this generation’s growing mobile workforce.
According to Jason Culliton of L-Tron Corporation, tablet computer usage is on the rise amongst today’s mobile workforce.  With this increase comes a need for safety and compatibility.  Culliton says, “As more customers choose to give up the ruggedness of traditional data collection devices in favor of larger screen sizes on consumer tablets, a secure vehicle mounting solution has become more important than ever.”
The UT-201 fits the bill for virtually any mobile workspace environment, with its rugged, safe, and user-friendly form factor.  The Universal Tablet Mount is constructed with resilient, yet lightweight aluminum and composite materials, ensuring both lasting durability and worker comfort.  Designed with a thin profile to maximize space in congested work environments, as well as rounded corners and edges for increased safety, the Universal Tablet Mount performs effectively when mounted within vehicles.  Havis also manufactures desktop stands that are compatible with the UT-201, for added ease-of-use within office environments.
Havis manufactures ergonomic, top-quality products with the highest level of safety for mobile workforce environments, including public safety, construction, utility vehicles, mobile offices, and other itinerant occupations. The Havis name is particularly well-known among L-Tron’s Law Enforcement customers for achieving the computing, mounting, power management, and transport requirements of patrol vehicles.  To learn more, please visit http://www.l-trondirect.com or contact L-Tron directly.