The ES400 by Motorola enables users to collect and access data, running enterprise applications on the go.

Maximum Efficiency at Your Fingertips: L-Tron’s Latest Business Solution Empowers Employees

L-Tron Corporation presents an industry solution that allows mobile workers to achieve maximum efficiency during the work day, while providing exceptional customer care and service. L-Tron introduces the ES400 by Motorola, which enables users to collect and access data, make informed decisions and complete action tasks immediately. The pocketable ES400 is the first in the industry to utilize dual CDMA and GSM 3.5G connections to maintain constant connectivity while running enterprise applications and sending and receiving information quickly and effortlessly.
Capable of voice, photos, video, data store and transfer, barcode scanning, signature capture, GPS and Wi-Fi, the ES400 contains a 3-inch color touchscreen display that is easy to read both indoors and outdoors. The user-friendly EDA eliminates paperwork and simplifies the daily tasks of salespeople, managers, technicians and home health caregivers by allowing them to monitor communications, place orders, access work orders, review service records, and check inventory, pricing, and order status. Dependable and cost-effective, the sleek ES400 is a solution designed to increase profitability, strength and brand value.