News and Events On Nov 01, 2012
L-Tron Corporation, a leading supplier of barcode, scanning, data collection, RFID and mobility solutions, is proud to announce that the company has been recertified in November 2012 as a Carestream Health Inc. Certified Supplier.  L-Tron’s recertification is a direct result of the Company’s delivery of a high level of performance to Carestream Health in the areas of quality, delivery, lead-time, and productivity.
Carestream Health, a dynamic global company, serves tens of thousands of customers worldwide in the radiography, healthcare IT, dental imaging, molecular imaging, and non-destructive testing markets.
In September 27, 2011, L-Tron was first recognized as a Certified Supplier for Carestream Health Inc.  The certification process required a rigorous audit of L-Tron’s processes and procedures by Carestream.  L-Tron was selected for the certification process because the Company has consistently provided outstanding performance to Carestream Health in areas of quality, delivery, lead-time and productivity for over 20 years.  According to RAD DeRose, L-Tron President and CEO, this significant achievement was just another example of L-Tron’s outstanding commitment to its customers.
“Customer satisfaction is our priority,” DeRose explains.  “We pride ourselves in providing exemplary service to each of our clients on a daily basis.  Carestream Health took notice of our ongoing reliability and quality performance by providing L-Tron with the opportunity to earn the status of Certified Supplier.”
This kind of recognition is not new to L-Tron, as the Company was very proud to be named the “Best Performing Supplier over Three Years” by Carestream Health in 2010.

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