4810LR 2D omni-directional scanner of linear and 2D barcodes.

L-Tron Launches Next-Generation 4810LR 2D Image Scanner

Solution provider L-Tron Corporation launches the new 4810LR 2D Image Scanner, sold exclusively by L-Tron. Designed specifically to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies, the 4810LR is the next-generation device to the successful and popular 4710 2D Image Scanner.
The 4810LR has all of the features of the 4710, including compatibility with the Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS) and an advanced white LED illumination system that allows true grayscale images. Enhancements include a more compact size, native USB support, active power management and an integrated microphone style mounting tab. The 4810LR is available today at a lower cost than the previous generation 4710.
Officers can use the 4810LR to scan PDF-417 and linear barcodes on driver’s licenses, auto-populate a driver’s information into an e-citation form, digitally capture a driver’s signature as proof of citation delivery or take digital pictures of an accident scene, allowing for improved accuracy of the captured information and increased officer efficiency.
Combining high-performance scanning with the versatility of Honeywell’s Adaptus® Imaging Technology 5.0, the 4810LR enables omni-directional scanning of all linear and 2D barcodes and high-quality digital image capture in a rugged, reliable package.
“Image capture is a mainstream requirement and important part of law enforcement solutions today,” says Rad DeRose, President of L-Tron. “Officers prefer to spend less time handling paperwork so they can spend more time on the streets keeping our communities safe. With the 4810LR, our law enforcement customers can feel confident they have a product designed specifically to meet their needs.”
The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) was a beta test site for the 4810LR. Following successful testing of a device, production units are now in the process of being deployed to law enforcement agencies in the state.
“The 4810LR is the device that a lot of people have been waiting for because of its small size and scanning speed,” says Dennis Kleen, Executive Officer, Iowa DOT. “Officers only have to scan a driver’s license once and they can use the autopopulated information to issue multiple citations when necessary. In some cases, this can cut the time spent issuing citations in half.”
The state of Iowa has been using an e-citation system since 1995 and today 50 percent of all citations are electronically transmitted to the courts.
“Populating data fields in electronic citations via scanning and TraCS software saves time, provides more accurate and quality data, and can offer a higher level of credibility to the court system,” says Mary Jensen, Iowa DOT TraCS National Program Manager and Iowa State TraCS Program Manager.
The Kenmore Police Department (Kenmore, N.Y.) was also beta test site for the 4810LR. One of the first departments in Erie County to utilize scanning technology in its patrol cars, the 25-officer force uses the 4810LR to scan the barcodes on driver’s licenses and registrations, as well as to take pictures of accident scenes.
“The rate at which the 4810LR reads barcodes is remarkable and nearly instantaneous,” says Officer Dave Lewandowski, Kenmore Police Department. “The feedback I’ve received from the officers using the scanner is phenomenal. It’s small, so it fits well in a patrol car that already has a good amount of equipment in it, the picture quality is superb, and it’s easy to use.”