L-Tron receives “Best Growth” award from Advantech at 2013 World Partner Conference in Dubai.
L-Tron Earns Global Recognition with Award from Advantech

Nov. 1, 2013VICTOR, N.Y.L-Tron Corporation is the proud recipient of Advantech Corporation’s Industrial Automation Group’s “Best Growth 2013” award. The award was presented at the 2013 Advantech iAutomation World Partner Conference, which took place in Dubai, UAE from October 3-5, 2013.
Advantech acknowledged L-Tron in recognition of L-Tron’s substantial contribution and persistent partnership. Awards for Advantech’s North America division were given to recipients in each of three revenue scales. Within L-Tron’s revenue category, the criteria included achieving at least 70% of 2012’s revenue by August 2013 with the highest growth rate percentage.
L-Tron’s partnership with Advantech began in the early 1990s, when L-Tron was looking for a world-class partner and Advantech offered a better, more complete industrial product line than other suppliers. In February 2013, Advantech named L-Tron Corporation its AOnline Engaged Channel Partner (AECP) for the Northeast United States, as L-Tron provides clients with Advantech Automation products that range from embedded fanless box PCs, HMI solutions, and remote Ethernet enabled data collection to wireless gateways and switches.
RAD DeRose, L-Tron’s CEO, explains, “One thing we like about Advantech is that there is so much breadth in the Advantech product line that we have the flexibility to match the application with the hardware; we are not forced into specific product selections.”
Today, L-Tron specializes in developing custom applications that integrate standard Advantech hardware with application software and sometimes other hardware to meet specific customer application requirements. Requests from L-Tron clientele are varied, but often include high-speed vision systems, test/measurement systems, or industrial automation systems for robotic control.
As a result of L-Tron’s esteemed relationship with Advantech, DeRose was asked to present at Advantech’s World Conference, sharing L-Tron’s best practices in a presentation entitled “Strategic Marketing.” DeRose attributes L-Tron’s success to the cumulative efforts from his entire staff, as well as the support Advantech has put in place to keep partners informed, including Channel Manager Nathan Smith and the MyAdvantech B2B site. DeRose also praises Advantech’s ability to expedite orders, including CTOS assemblies in California or a drop ship directly from Taiwan.
“It never ceases to amaze me that I can order something on a Friday and have it show up on my desk from Taiwan on Monday,” explains DeRose. “It makes our jobs easier as we create custom systems with a quick turnaround. We have cases where the ability to deliver a system quickly has helped to secure an order and convert a transactional customer into a long-term client.”
Looking to the year ahead, L-Tron plans to continue growing its business with Advantech and delivering exactly what customers need, focusing on L-Tron’s Company motto, “Your Success is Our Passion.”