L-Tron Corp. is proud to announce our inclusion as an Authorized Sales Agent on the Havis, Inc. New York State OGS Contract.  We have been a Havis Platinum Reseller of patrol car equipment and other law enforcement equipment since the merger of LEDCO-Chargeguard and Havis-Shields resulted in the current Havis, Inc. in late 2009.
L-Tron Corp.            Havis, Inc.
As a former LEDCO partner, our role in the Havis business model is IT Reseller, meaning our specialty is in computer and peripheral docking and mounting equipment.  We’ve also learned a lot about vehicle consoles, K-9 and prisoner transport systems, and accessory products for police vehicles in the past three years.  L-Tron can provide install services via third party contactor and we’re more than happy to work with your internal mechanics, vehicle dealership or existing install contactor.
This contract inclusion marks our forth in New York State, and we are always willing to honor NYS Contract pricing to any Law Enforcement Agency in the country.  Our current contracts include:
Our own contract for TraCS compatible Driver License scanning equipment.
Havis, Inc.  Computer docking and mounting, peripheral mounting, power management products and transport solutions.
Brother Mobile Solutions.  PocketJet 6 Series, 8.5″ mobile thermal printing.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.  A full range of barcode scanning products.  From handheld to fix-mount scanners to mobile computers with integrated scanning and a full choice of RF connectivity.
If you have projects for mobile computing, either vehicle-based or handheld, contact us.  We can provide advice, opinions, solutions and offer demo equipment for qualified projects.  Please browse our line of Havis equipment at L-Tron Direct, but contact us for a custom quote that reflects NYS Contact pricing.
As always, you can email me or Charlie Waldman directly for personal assistance.  Comments below are welcome, and any questions posted will be answered in a timely manner.