What is the role the firefighter plays in an arson investigation?


Thank you to our Firefighters & First Responders. Happy International Firefighters Day 2019 


May 4th was International Firefighters Day 2019. These rescue professionals are prepared to assist in dangerous situations and extinguish fires that threaten people’s lives, personal property, and the natural environment. They are also trained in fire safety and prevention to prepare the community and minimize the potential damage a fire can cause. Whether you or someone you know has been affected by the devastation of a fire, firefighters are always on the scene with one goal in mind: saving lives. OSCR360 has attended several fires and arson investigations, witnessing first hand the devastation a fire can cause. Today we recognize firefighters and acknowledge all that they do to keep our communities safe. Many EMTs & first responders volunteer their time and risk their lives for others, everyday. To all firefighters, whether you are currently serving, retired, or have passed, we thank you for your commitment and dedication to our communities.


How can you honor the firefighters serving in your community?

For International Firefighters Day 2019, you can proudly wear red (for fire) and blue (for water) ribbons that have been pinned together to symbolize the main elements that firefighters work with. These colors are recognized internationally as representing emergency service and can be worn to honor firefighters around the world. Find out if your community is having a memorial or recognition service and attend to show your gratitude for the service that firefighters provide. There is also a “Sound Off” event that many communities participate in that finds time to pause and reflect on the sacrifices that firefighters make for us every day. This event is held on the first Sunday in May at noon and occurs when fire sirens sound for 30 seconds before being followed by a moment of silence to respect and remember all of the firefighters who have passed away or lost their lives in the line of duty. If you cannot attend this service, take your own minute of silence in honor of those who have dedicated their lives to fighting fires and protecting the community.

Here is a list from the “National Fallen Firefighters Foundation” on ways you can honor the fallen.


Thank you to all of the firefighters who risk their lives every day.

We appreciate everything you do and recognize your dedication to service.



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