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FieldPro 541 Data sheet

[Data Sheet] Printek FieldPro 541 Mobile Printer 

This downloadable data sheet provides a detailed look at the specifications for Printek’s 4” FieldPro 541 Mobile Printer. Discover more about the features of the FieldPro541, view printer images, and read about some of the applications the FieldPro 541 is well-suited for. 



For 35 years and counting, Printek™ and its subdivision, PrintekMobile, have specialized in high-quality printing solutions for government agencies, private businesses, and public corporations of all shapes and sizes. From rugged mobile printers to high-speed, multi-part form dot matrix printers, Printek technology is innovative, durable, and backed by exceptional 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranties.  Headquartered in Michigan, …

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[Case Study] Hunting Related Homicide turned Training

[Case Study] OSCR assists in Hunting-Related Homicide Turned Training

This case study provides an inside look at a hunting-related shooting field exercise that occurred during a wildlife investigator training in Iowa. See how OSCR360 captured the perspectives of the shooter and the victim, demonstrated the trajectory of the bullet, and created a powerful virtual walkthrough of the scene.