Innovative Symbol DS9808 hybrid scanner designed to increase throughput and productivity

High-Tech Hybrid Scanner Improves Productivity

L-Tron Corporation announces the availability of Motorola’s innovative Symbol DS9808, a hybrid scanner designed to increase throughput and productivity, reduce costs and drive revenue for business owners. Capable of scanning both 1D and 2D bar codes, the DS9808 incorporates several key features, including an EAS tag deactivator, digital camera for image capture and RFID upgradeability. These components eliminate the need for multiple devices by automating numerous activities, including scanning bar codes, deactivating security tags and capturing consumer information.
Ideal for use at checkout stands and return counters in pharmacies, department stores, specialty stores and convenience stores, the DS9808 is equally valuable for ID verification within airports and at border crossings and checkpoints.. The sleek design of this scanner includes an integrated base that fits easily into small spaces. End users operate the DS9808 with ease, as it functions as both a handheld and hands-free device. Offering unsurpassed swipe speeds and long range scanning ability to keep checkout lines moving efficiently, the DS9808 provides real value for the consumer.