Looking for a mobile docking station that will keep your computer docked and securely connected to every peripheral your workspace requires?  I recommend Havis passenger side computer mounting solutions.
When talking to customers about the available options with these Havis mounting solutions, I always begin with the PKG-PSM Packages.  These are vehicle specific bundles that start with a base that mounts under the passenger seat bolts and doesn’t require drilling into the vehicle body.  The entire package is designed to hold your Havis dock and notebook computer.  A universal adapter is available for third party docking stations.  Component pieces are also available individually, but the packages are convenient for pricing and ordering.  Let’s compare the standard package (left) and the premium package (right).
Crown Vic Standard PSM                     Crown Vic Premium PSM
At first glance, the two packages look pretty similar.  Upon closer inspection, there are some important differences.  For instance, on top of the base in both packages is a telescoping pole.  In the standard package, that pole supports another offset bracket.  In the premium package, it supports a swing arm with tilt swivel motion device that sits under the computer docking station.  Unlike the standard package, the premium package also includes a support arm that stabilizes the pole.
Typically, however, the first difference that potential buyers notice is the price. The premium package lists for over $350 higher than the standard package.  Many customers wonder, what’s the added benefit?  While the support arm is a nice addition because it adds a good deal of stability to the installation by mounting to the vehicle frame, at only a $65 list price, it is not the main differentiator.  That honor goes to the swing arm.
Havis Swing Arm                           Swing Arm install
The offset plate that’s included in the standard package does allow some movement of the computer, but it has nowhere near the flexibility of the swing arm.  With a quick-release locking mechanism, the swing arm allows fast, smooth 180° rotation.  It also has easy arm extension to provide up to an additional 3.3 inches.  This combination of movement, in addition to the “Tilt Swivel Motion Device” (included in both packages) allows for a comfortable, ergonomic user-experience from either the driver or passenger seats.
While the premium package certainly has its perks, either package is a great option.  Whether your priority is versatility or economy, Havis and L-Tron offer the right solutions for vehicle computer mounting.  Please email me or contact L-Tron with questions or to request a custom quote with law enforcement discounts.  Additionally, please browse our online store for Havis packages and leave comments below!