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Roadside Safety, Part 1: What do the stats say?

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Roadside Safety, Part 1: What do the statistics say about Patrol Officer Safety?   Life. Vitality. Safety. Most of us take these for granted. Our lives are generally predictable and often the same, day in, day out. For law enforcement officers, this isn’t the case. In fact, a 2018 USA TODAY article ranks police and… Read More

4 causes of hunter-related shooting incidents

What are the 4 Causes of Hunter-Related Shooting Incidents?

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  If we had to boil the 4 causes of hunter-related shooting incidents down to one overall reason it’s pretty simple.   Poor Safety Judgment.   That’s not to say accidents don’t happen, but poor safety judgment, whether it be the split-second choice to pull a trigger, or the decision to not wear hunter orange,… Read More

What is the role the firefighter plays in an arson investigation?

The Role the Firefighter Plays at an Arson Investigation

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  A firefighter plays many roles throughout his career. What is the role the firefighter plays at an arson investigation? Lou Giancursio reflects on some of his past arson cases and the many hats he wore at the Rochester Fire Department.   My dad, retired Firefighter Louis Giancursio, was first hired in the late 1970’s…. Read More

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How can you Recognize Law Enforcement Appreciation Day? From an Officer’s voice

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  Law enforcement. The thankless profession. Sure, there’s the occasional polite “Thank You” for services, and even the obligatory political citation for acts beyond the call of duty. But unless you’re a police officer, or member of a cop’s family, there’s no true understanding of what law enforcement goes through.   Appreciation.   Cops don’t… Read More

18+ Ways to Fund your OSCR360

18+ Ways to Fund your OSCR360

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18+ Ways to Fund your OSCR360     OSCR360 has been traveling the country, assisting Officers with everything from crime scene documentation and active shooter pre-planning to arson investigations and hunting-related shootings and more. The OSCR360 capture kit and desktop software allows users to capture overalls of their scenes quickly, and then these 360-degree images… Read More

OSCR visits Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Where’s OSCR? Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Just a few short weeks ago, OSCR360 visited Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Check out what we learned on our trip to the central Pennsylvania region. First stop: Reading, PA. Known for its pretzels, being the only city in the country where you can start kindergarten and graduate from college on the same street, and having… Read More

Alex's New Partner OSCR360

Alexandra has a New Partner: OSCR360

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Meet Alex’s new partner OSCR360. Where are they traveling next?   Travel. It’s this glorious concept. Exploring new places, new foods, new cultures (yes, even within the United States). It’s an exciting time for individuals to learn, grow, and evolve. Frankly, travel sounds wonderful.   Until it isn’t.   Those of you who travel for… Read More

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Roadside Safety: What should I do if I get pulled over?

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  What should I do if I get pulled over? How you can make it easier on yourself, and Law Enforcement?   You’re cruising along the highway, humming along to your favorite song, and thinking about your weekend plans. No, this isn’t the start of a sweet country song – next thing you know you spot… Read More

Spherical Images

It’s All About Perspective, Part 2 – Spherical Images

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  Spherical 360-degree photography is revolutionizing crime scene evidence capture and courtroom presentation. In addition to capturing the crime scene with minimal disturbance and catering to today’s demands for hi-tech courtrooms, as discussed in “It’s all about Perspective Part One: Courtroom Perspective,” 360-degree spherical images have several outstanding applications.   A Virtual Reality Tool Spherical photography… Read More

Courtroom Perspective

It’s All About Perspective Part 1 – Courtroom Perspective

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Perspective /pər’ spektiv/ n. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. It’s All About Courtroom Perspective In the courtroom, it is the attorney’s job to influence the attitudes of the jury, and deliver a conviction by presenting solid evidence. Traditionally, courtroom perspective has been influenced by verbal testimony, still… Read More