Features of pricier models come standard in these economical printers, making them ideal for applications ranging from healthcare and manufacturing to transportation and retail.
Economical Thermal Printing for a Variety of Business Applications
L-Tron Corporation, in partnership with Datamax-O’Neil, presents the new E-Class Mark III family of compact desktop thermal printers for a wide variety of applications across industries.  The E-Class Mark III family is comprised of four different affordable printer models, ranging from Basic to Professional+.  Each of these printers includes the features and dependability that are typical for more expensive printers, for an economical price.  Mark III printers are direct thermal printers, although they include the option of thermal transfer for applications requiring the creation of highly durable labels and tags that can withstand extreme temperatures and physical abuse.
Notable attributes, such as larger media and ribbon roll capacities, easy ribbon and label loading, and quick loading media with an interactive LCD screen all contribute to straightforward printer operation and a reduction in daily operational costs.  User-friendliness is again revealed in the easy serviceability of these printing devices, as neither tools nor experience are mandatory for the most essential service repairs.  The overall structural integrity of the Mark III printers, along with a sealed user interface panel to prevent damage from spills and debris, proves that this family of printers is constructed with durability in mind.
Mark III printers can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications that require a reliable and cost-effective barcode printer, including manufacturing, healthcare, parcel/post, retail, and transportation and logistics.  The Mark III family of printers reliably accomplishes tasks ranging from printing patient ID wristbands in hospitals to printing content labels to use when shipping packages.
In addition to the Mark III family of printers, L-Tron provides solutions for all types of printing-related needs (http://www.l-tron.com/Products/BarcodeLabelMobilePrinter …).  L-Tron experts are always on hand to work with you to meet these needs, which may include labels, label software, barcode scanning solutions and more.