Traditional barcode scanners are often bulky, immobile, and expensive. This scanning solution is easily mobile, small, lightweight and affordable!
Cost-Effective Mobile Scanning: Anytime, Anywhere
L-Tron Corporation, a reputable solutions provider, announces a mobile scanning solution for enterprises struggling with the mobility, cost, and size constraints of traditional barcode scanners. Motorola’s CS3000 1D laser scanners are lightweight and small enough to fit into a pocket or on a lanyard, yet highly dependable with proven drop survival rates and durable IP40 sealing. Compatible with virtually any host device, the CS3000 series stores and retains data from over a million scans and offers the ability to scan dirty, damaged and hard-to-read barcodes. With a user-friendly, two button design; anyone can operate these devices by simply pointing, clicking and scanning. These scanners offer the choice between real-time uploading now and batch uploading for future use, while also ensuring that battery life is never an issue during a shift. L-Tron offers the CS3000 series as a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications, including supply chain, facilities management and asset tracking, retail and backroom, as well as field sales.

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