Idling emergency vehicles save on fuel consumption, reduce engine wear, and protect the environment with this new fuel management system control module.
Conserve Fuel and Protect the Environment with Idle Management Technology for Emergency Vehicles
L-Tron Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of the latest vehicle idle fuel management system control module from Havis.  The IdleRight 2 is specially designed to save money and prevent pollution within the emergency response and public safety sectors by reducing engine wear and conserving fuel.
The technology behind the IdleRight 2 has proven to reduce fuel consumption, resulting in a reduction of operation expenses of up to 80% for public safety units.  Emergency vehicle operators are faced with two choices upon arrival at an emergency scene.  They can turn the vehicle off and run the electronic equipment on battery power – risking a dead battery at the end of an emergency call, or they can leave the vehicle running idle, burning expensive fuel for extended durations.  With these factors in mind, vehicles that run light bars, radios, computers, and other electronic equipment for extended periods of time are well-served by utlizing the IdleRight 2, as the device monitors a vehicle’s electrical system, starting the engine to recharge only when necessary.
The IdleRight 2 not only conserves fuel, but also extends the service life of emergency vehicles by preventing engines from running idle at low temperatures and leaving harmful fuel residue that increases engine and exhaust system wear and tear.  The IdleRight 2 generates savings rapidly, as it works hand-in-hand with existing aftermarket starter technologies, including the VIPER Model 5101, Python Model 1401/1402P, Clifford Model 4203X, Avital Model 4113.  Featuring a straightforward system, the IdleRight 2 does not require an expensive, time-consuming installation process.
In addition to the cost-saving benefits the IdleRight 2 provides, there are also environmental factors to consider.  Many states are moving forward with legislation against anti-idling, as a means of decreasing air pollution from burning gas.  The IdleRight 2 enables emergency response providers the opportunity to “go green” and help set the trend for other vehicles nationwide.
L-Tron partners with Havis to provide many other convenient, money saving products for the emergency response sector, including an extensive line of patrol vehicle equipment.  For more information, please contact L-Tron today.