103rd International Association for Identification

103rd International Association for Identification (IAI) Conference Wrap Up

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Travel a 20-year detour in public service, stick to your standards, add some professional doubt, and you just might surpass your career goals after all. That’s what L-Tron Corporation’s Andrew McNeill did last month at the 103rd International Association for Identification (IAI) Educational Conference.   The retired Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy and certified IAI Senior Crime… Read More

Policeman's Ball 2018

Backing the Blue…Both In and Out of the Office

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We’ve been doing business with law enforcement for 17+ years, and our relationship with law enforcement started out as just that – business. But times change. As we got to know some of our law enforcement clients and really took the time to listen, our relationship with many municipalities began to change. We’ve developed close… Read More

Meet the L-Tron Marketing Team

The Evolution of the L-Tron Marketing Team

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“…and the winner of the 2018 Pinnacle Marketing Awards goes to…. L-Tron Corporation!” How did L-Tron Corporation, a data collection and industrial automation company – NOT a marketing firm, manage to win a prestigious marketing award from the American Marketing Academy (AMA)? It all started about 8 years ago.. RAD DeRose, L-Tron’s President and CEO,… Read More

Life After Law Enforcement

Still the New Kid – Life after Law Enforcement

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Still the New Kid   Five months later I’m still figuring it out.  My job. If you were desperate enough to read of my sortie into the tech industry, this is an update. Late last year I was the “new kid” who segued from a 26-year law enforcement career into the “Edu-Techie” team at L-Tron… Read More

Alex at Relay For Life

L-Tron Team Member Participates in Local ACS Relay For Life

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Relay For Life (RFL) is an American Cancer Society signature fundraiser in which volunteers give their time and effort to take action and fight back against cancer. Communities around the globe join together to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, and fight back. The money raised at RFL enables the American Cancer Society to… Read More

Global Day of the Engineer header image

Global Day of the Engineer 2018 – Meet the L-Tron Engineers

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  Happy Global Day of the Engineer! This annual date is observed this year on April 4th, 2018. Engineers from all over the world come together to celebrate engineers in our families, workplace, and community. From new-grads to veterans, engineers are an integral part of a company. Intended to shine a spotlight on innovations and… Read More

Happy Engineers at L-Tron Corporation Celebrate Engineers Week 2018

Friday Fun to Wrap Up Engineers Week 2018

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Happy Friday and last day of Engineers Week 2018! What did you do this week to celebrate your engineers? Share your photos with us on twitter at @LTronCorp. The History Originally designed as a nontechnical organization for licensed engineers, the National Society of Professional Engineers was founded in 1934. As a member of the group… Read More

Ken: Director of Engineering

Meet Ken: L-Tron’s Director of Engineering

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Meet Ken: Director of Engineering Everyone on our team is crucial to our daily operations. This year, for National Engineers Week, we wanted to shine some light on the engineers here at L-Tron. Quirky, Intelligent, Creative, Collaborative, Calculated, Inquisitive Just a few adjectives used to describe our Director of Engineering, Ken Gravenstede. I asked our… Read More


New Kid on the Block, Part 3

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Written by Hank Kula When friends ask what I do at L-Tron, I answer honestly, “I don’t know.”  As I mentioned in part 2, company roles are continually evolving, and you can read about my Law Enforcement background, prior to L-Tron, in Part 1. Summarily, I write “content” in connection with our crime scene /… Read More

welcome to l-tron

New Kid on the Block, Part 2

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Written by Hank Kula When I walked into L-Tron on my first day, I was greeted by CEO RAD DeRose. Talk about cool names.  He was RAD.  (Sorry.) RAD had a new laptop for me.  Score.  The laptop is touch screen.  Double score.  With the laptop came VPN.  Heard of it. Knew what it was…. Read More