Linear bar code scanner increases productivity, minimizes error and improves worker comfort for retail and inventory applications.
Aggressive Linear Scanner Reduces Data-Entry Errors
L-Tron Corporation announces the availability of Honeywell’s Voyager 1250g single-line laser scanner.  This general purpose scanner quickly scans linear bar codes, including bar codes that are poorly printed or damaged.  Honeywell purposefully designed this scanner to increase worker productivity, reduce data-entry errors and improve employee comfort and ease of use.
The aggressive 1250g is ideal for both retail and inventory applications.  Featuring extended depth of field, the scanner eases worker discomfort by allowing users to read bar codes from up to 23 inches away.  In retail applications, this could mean scanning heavy items at the bottom of a shopping cart, while for inventory applications this could mean scanning items on the hard-to-reach top shelf of a storage area.  Hands-free scanning is also a feasible option for users, as the accompanying stand is easy to assemble and incorporates automatic in-stand detection.
Companies wishing to minimize the human error associated with manual data entry find the 1250g beneficial, as well as those looking to increase overall productivity throughout the entire data entry process.  With a multi-interface design, the scanner supports the most commonly used interfaces, expediting installation by automatically configuring to the appropriate interface once plugged in.
L-Tron understands the importance of high-quality, durable bar code scanners, which is why the Company is proud to offer a full line of Honeywell scanners, including those from the popular Voyager series, such as the 1250g.  Honeywell’s highly reliable scanners are designed to accomplish virtually any scanning requirement, large or small, including both linear and 2D scanning applications.