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We carefully choose our partners to provide you with the best in class products.

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For over 40 years Validyne Engineering has been designing, marketing, manufacturing and servicing a broad range of pressure transducers & transmitters. The products have full scale ranges from 0.1 in h20 to 12,500 psi and signal conditioning & data acquisition system. Over 3,000 customized “specials” have been derived from their standard product offerings.

As a turn-key measurement and analysis company, Validyne integrates sensors, signal conditioning, data acquisition and any other features as required by their customers. For OEM’s, complete designs from the ground up are available. Validyne’s pressure testing applications as well as process control. Validyne laboratory pressure transducers allow re-ranging by the user to meet any test and measurement application on short notice and feature fast response for transient analysis.

Validyne signal conditioning consists of rack-mounted and portable units for field testing.The signal conditioning covers the full range of sensor inputs used in the laboratory as well as for industrial applications. Validyne’s data acquisition line consists of expandable chassis as well as PC-based products.

Markets served by Validyne equipment include:

  • Automotive & Flight Testing and Test Cells
  • Medical Research in Pulmonary Function
  • Steel & Glass Manufacturing
  • HVAC & climatic wind tunnel
  • Industrial & Materials Testing
  • Military, Navy & Aerospace
  • Electrical Utility Operations
  • Oil exploration and wind turbine
  • R&D Test Labs
  • Universities & Schools
  • Process and automation