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our partners

We carefully choose our partners to provide you with the best in class products.

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Celesco is the world’s largest supplier of cable-extension position transducers. They offer a wide range of standard product lines which have established lead times. The company also produces specialized high-volume OEM transducers, a standard line of shaft-driven rotational position transducers, and a line of magnetically-damped inclinometers.

Celesco products are used in exacting applications ranging from medical equipment, factory machinery, robotic assembly lines to massive flood control projects. Celesco transducers are proven to be reliable, cost effective, and easy to install and maintain. OEMs and end users choose Celesco transducers because of their confirmed high accuracy, resolution and repeatability.

Celesco can provide linear and rotational position measurement solutions for your hazardous area environment. These sensors carry the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Cenelec Approvals for intrinsically safe applications.

  • Cable Extension Transducers
  • Linear Potentiometers
  • Rotary Position Transducers
  • Inclinometers

We cannot drop ship Celesco products to customers outside of New York.