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Barcode scanners are the foundation of mobile enterprises and work seamlessly with information systems, so you can cost-effectively build and adapt as your business grows. Long recognized for their durability, barcode scanners are designed to maximize productivity – even in less than optimum conditions.

L-Tron recognizes that reliability and durability matter. Fortunately, the leading manufacturers have developed barcode readers that are built to withstand years of drops, vibration, extreme temperatures and other real-world abuse. This class-leading durability, plus excellent ergonomics and aggressive lading performance make barcode scanners a worthwhile investment.

At L-Tron, we specialize in helping you make the right choices for your organization. When shopping for barcode scanners, there are several decisions to be made. Depending on the application, you will need to choose from: Industrial or Commercial, Linear or 2D, Laser or Imager, and Corded or Cordless.

Our product specialists are prepared to answer your questions and will gladly provide you with background knowledge and expertise about a wide variety of barcode products and product options. Call us today!