Students practicing and participating in STEM programs in school

STEM Programs: Are They Effective in the United States?

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  by Alexandra Meyers STEM Education. We’ve all heard about it, we know what it is. It’s a nationwide program intended to educate students with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics throughout elementary, middle, and high school. The goal of STEM programs in the United States is to encourage students of all ages… Read More

PSP Reconstruction Seminar

What it was like to Capture Crashes with OSCR360 at the PSP Reconstruction Seminar

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Last month, I had the opportunity to travel with OSCR360 to Gettysburg, PA for the 2017 Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Reconstruction Seminar. . The PSP Reconstruction Seminar attracted over 350 attendees and was free to active Law Enforcement reconstructionists. I had a great time at the conference with my co-workers Alex and Chuck, a retired sergeant… Read More

PSP Crash

Key Components of a Comprehensive Crash Investigation

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There are many components of a complete and comprehensive crash investigation. The first officer to arrive at a crash typically finds it chaotic at best. As in any situation, the officer’s first priority is the preservation of life.  Second is the preservation of the scene and any possible evidence. Once the scene is secured and… Read More

How to Decide if a Mobile App is Right for your Business

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On a fairly regular basis, we are asked if we sell a mobile application that can do one thing or another for a business. Frequently this request is coming from a business looking to automate an existing process or looking to do something completely new in the hopes of giving their business some sort of… Read More

embedded pc and hmi

3 Reasons Why Pairing an Embedded PC with your HMI is the Right Move

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With the increase in demand for diversified HMI (Human Machine Interface) PCs, I thought that it was important to address the three reasons why pairing an Embedded PC with your HMI is the right move to make. 1.  Everything Wrapped in One Application software can be demanding on the integrated hardware driving it, which is… Read More

National Thank a Police Officer Day – Our Stories

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Have you thanked an officer lately? You may or may not know, this past Saturday, September 19th was National Thank A Police Officer Day. We wanted to express our gratitude and share our own experiences with Law Enforcement. Here are some of the team’s personal stories below, Thank You, ALL Police Officers!! Keeping Me Calm  “We… Read More

6 Qualities to Consider when Selecting an Industrial Automation Systems Integrator, Part II

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In Part I of the Six Qualities to Consider when selecting an Industrial Automation systems integrator, I discussed Product & Application Knowledge, Application Engineering & Development Experience, and Product Offering. Part II will address the final three of six qualities I consider vital to selecting the appropriate systems integrator. The Final Three Qualities all Systems… Read More

Malware on your Mobile Device: 5 Tips to Protect Yourself

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Twenty years ago, many people did not have regular access to a computer and very few owned a mobile device, such as the first smartphone that was invented by IBM in 1992. A decade later, in 2002, the BlackBerry debuted and hit the ground running. Today, it seems that desktop computers are on the way… Read More

Law Enforcement Technology: A Holistic Approach

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In many professions, law enforcement included, generic technology just doesn’t have what it takes to get the job done. We know the law enforcement technology is out there – but sometimes it takes more than just a simple piece of hardware to get things up and running. Unfortunately, many types of businesses and organizations have… Read More

Officer Roadside Safety: Automation & eCitation

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There is no doubt that law enforcement is a dangerous profession. Just since the beginning of 2015, there have been 14 LODDs (line-of-duty-deaths) in the United States, and prior to that there were 121 LODDs in 2014.1 While many of these LODDs involved gunfire, it is certainly noteworthy to mention that over four dozen of… Read More