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    Touchdown! NFL Pro Shops Go Mobile

    Football POS

    Any fellow NFL fans out there? This season we’ve seen some great wins, questionable calls, incredible comebacks, and heartbreaking upsets – Did you see that December 8th Patriots/Browns game? But speaking of heartbreaking, nothing is worse than the look on your young child’s face when you tell him or her that the line at the stadium pro shop is too long to buy the jersey they’ve been hoping to wear to school after the big game. Luckily times are changing – and pro shops are changing with the times by implementing mobile POS systems to speed things along. Customers are happy and pro shops are earning money. Mobile POS is definitely a win-win at the stadium. Learn more.

    100% Accuracy… Not Too Shabby!

    RFID Tracking

    There’s no question about it. The advent of item-level RFID tags has worked wonders for retailers, large and small. Shrinkage rates have plummeted over the past few years and shoplifters have been forced to find a new pastime. And now, RFID has allowed retailers to become better able to cater to their e-commerce customers. With the 100% inventory accuracy and visibility that RFID tags provide, retailers have the capacity to offer a single item for sale, both in the store and online. This is certainly great news for online shopping addicts and insightful retailers alike, because let’s face it. Who doesn’t like to online shop?! Learn More.

    Barcode-Themed Gifts for the Techie

    Barcode Gift Ideas

    When L-Tron was just starting up in the 1970s, barcode technology was an evolving concept. Today, barcodes are everywhere – including on many types of gifts. But no, we’re not talking about the UPC or QR Code in this particular case. Instead, the trendy barcode symbol serves a new purpose. A purely decorative purpose. From clothing and art to household items and crafts, the barcode is making its mark. Whether you are interested in picking up a fun gift for the tech-expert in your life or you are just looking for a smile, this post is for you. Just for fun, we’ve done a round-up of ten great barcode-themed gifts! Check out our list here!.


    Havis, Inc.When the L-Tron/Havis partnership began almost a decade ago, L-Tron was in search of armrest printer mounts to provide value-add for their Law Enforcement clients. L-Tron found Havis products to be the best in the business. The relationship has grown from there, with the addition of computer mounts, docking stations, and other rugged Havis equipment to L-Tron’s solutions portfolio. The Havis name has a great reputation among our public safety customers, so we were pleased when Keith Steidle, Havis Director of Business Development & Marketing, accepted our request for an interview. Here is what he had to say!

    Keith SteidleQ: Havis is well-known among our Law Enforcement clients for high-quality, durable patrol vehicle equipment. How does your Company stay on the leading-edge in the public safety arena?

    A: Havis has a legacy dating back over 80 years as a trusted manufacturer and provider of mission critical equipment with a focus on the customer. Built on a tradition of supporting the public safety sector, the Havis brand has grown and transformed significantly to a complete line of products that maximize mobile worker productivity in various industries with comfortable solutions, built to the highest safety standards, with a focus on quality.

    Havis works closely with computer and vehicle manufacturers and is involved with several industry organizations to remain informed on the latest trends, issues, requirements, and concerns that drive our customers’ needs. In addition, we have top public safety agencies as customers, which speaks to our reputation. Collaborating and networking with these groups, and the individuals within them, is the key to maintaining our broad ecosystem of partnerships and compatible products. Our strong sustained relationships keep us notified of automotive and computing developments in order to design the most efficient and effective solutions. The collective expertise and various solutions of this Ecosystem of Partners contribute to the common goal of increasing mobile workforce productivity while decreasing costs and keeping workers safe.

    Q: In a constantly changing environment, how has Havis managed to stay in business for over 80 years?

    A: Havis has strong leadership with vision, consistently determined to develop and execute long term strategic plans. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, Havis, Inc. maintains an excellent reputation in the industry for delivering the highest quality products and services. We design, engineer and build safe, reliable, ergonomically efficient products for mobile workers. We strive to exceed our own high standards and our customers’ expectations with flexible, integrated solutions. We have over 225 dedicated factory team members and 115 independent sales representatives committed to continually improving our products, our services and ourselves.

    Q: In addition to the public safety community, we know that the Havis product line is found across a spectrum of industries. Where else might your innovative products be found?

    A: Havis understands a Total Mobility Solution starts with a business problem and requires several components to successfully resolve it: Software, Hardware, Connectivity & Integration, Docking & Mounting, Professional Installation, multiple Accessories, and much more. We will continue to use this approach as we branch out into limitless mobile industries to grow our business.

    We proudly manufacture rugged solutions for various markets. Our expansive line includes vehicle consoles, heavy duty mounts, computer & tablet docking stations and cradles, idle reduction systems, power management solutions, prisoner and K9 transports, and more. While we remain dominant in the public safety industry, we also provide solutions for military & government, utility & public works, transportation, healthcare, industrial, mobile professionals, and many more.

    Havis treats end customers like business partners to create their mobile office the way they want it and the way they need it. You can trust in our people, beliefs, products and commitment.

    Havis Total Mobility Solution


    Advantech Adam I/O Modules

    Advantech ADAM-6200 I/O Modules
    This user-friendly series of intelligent Ethernet I/O modules is a game-changer in the industrial application field. Comprised of analog I/O, digital I/O, and replay modules, each ADAM-6200 module has daisy chain networking, remote monitoring, group configuration capabilities, and a variety of useful software functions. Learn More.

    Honeywell Dolphin 7800 Mobile Computers

    Honeywell Dolphin® 7800 Enterprise Digital Assistant
    Honeywell’s rugged Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) fulfills the fast-paced requirements of today’s mobile workforce by providing multi-functional computing, communication and data collection, both rapidly and effectively. The durable 7800 is lightweight and compact, viewable in any lighting condition, and offers multiple keypad options to meet the needs of diverse mobile enterprises. Learn More.

    Zebra ZD500R Desktop Printer

    Zebra® ZD500R™ Desktop RFID Printer
    One-touch printing is a snap with Zebra’s first desktop RFID printer. Designed to print labels with embedded UHF RFID chips, the compact thermal/direct thermal printer utilizes space effectively and caters to industry applications in which technical support might not be immediately available, such as retail in-store tagging, healthcare specimen tracking, and government document and evidence tracking. Learn More.

    Motorola ET1 Tablet

    Motorola ET1 Rugged Enterprise Tablet Don’t be fooled by this tablet’s stylish exterior. The ET1 is as tough as they come, tolerating spills, drops, and a wide temperature range with ease. The tablet’s easy-to-use Android operating system offers enhanced security, flexibility and manageability intended to excel in enterprise applications from retail to field service. Learn More.

    L-Tron Direct Store

    Dell Desktops, Notebooks, Workstations, Servers, Storage & Networking L-Tron recently joined forces with Dell! We are now a Dell Direct Premier Partner with a dedicated account team. Stay tuned…Dell products are coming soon to L-Tron Direct.com!


    Around the World in 80 Hours: The 2013 Advantech World Partner Conference
    By Gayle DeRose

    Advantech World Partner ConferenceWow – What a great experience! The location for the 2013 Advantech iAutomation World Partner Conference was Dubai from October 7-9. I had never been to Dubai but I was on my way with L-Tron’s CEO RAD DeRose. It was a whirlwind – total travel time of 36 hours with approx. 50 hours on the ground!

    Were we crazy? Not at all…there was much to learn and experience at the conference, as well as a sharing of ideas by like-minded people from all over the world.

    Henna TattooThe theme of the event was centered on Advantech’s iAutomation solutions (Intelligent Automation for Manufacturing), as well as a celebration of Advantech’s 30th anniversary. Always focused on the future and innovation, Advantech’s corporate vision evolved and today is well known as “Enabling an Intelligent Planet.”

    What does an Intelligent Planet look like? Well, as cloud computing and IoT (Internet of Things) become the major trend globally, smart industries navigate accordingly and new lifestyles gradually take shape. Technologies such as automatic control, information sensing and radio frequency identification (RFID) will be the goal of future scientific development and best practice. Continue reading.


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    Our customers are our #1 priority. As always, please email Gayle or call (800) 830-9523 with any other general inquiries or feedback you might have!


    Advantech Global Recognition Award

    L-Tron Receives Global Recognition

    L-Tron was presented with Advantech’s “Best Growth 2013” award at the Advantech iAutomation World Partner Conference in Dubai, in recognition of L-Tron’s substantial growth and ongoing contributions!
    Learn More.

    Advantech Magazine

    L-Tron Featured in MyAdvantech’s Magazine

    Advantech celebrated its 30th Anniversary this year and L-Tron was honored to be recognized in the anniversary issue of the Company’s magazine! Read the article here.

    The BarCode News

    L-Tron Case Study on The Bar Code News

    The Bar Code News, a bar code and auto-id industry website, has published a recent case study from L-Tron about Zebra barcode printers in a medical distribution warehouse. Read it here!


    Seasons Greetings!

    With sincere appreciation from everyone at L-Tron, we extend our very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year. Thank your for your business!

    Click here for more news and events.


    Vehicle Mobile Workforce

    Modernizing your Mobile Workforce

    You wouldn’t issue iPads and lawn chairs to your office workers and expect them to be productive, would you? From field service to public safety, here are 4 important types of products to consider for your on-the-go environment:

    • Computing
    • Printing
    • Mounting
    • USB

    Productivity, ergonomics and safety all play important roles in selecting products that are right for your mobile workspace.

    Learn more about the seemingly daunting task of modernizing your mobile workforce. It’s not as hard as you think – and we’re here to help.

    We are here for you! Contact L-Tron if you need assistance.


    We’re Starting 2014 With a Bang!

    Watch for our NEW, completely redesigned corporate website, arriving shortly after the 1st of the year!

    New L-Tron Website

    Be sure to check the new site often for your chance to enter some great giveaways – and learn all about what L-Tron has to offer!


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