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    QR Codes are Saving Lives!

    Isn’t it great when modern technology can be used to save lives? Here are two intriguing examples of QR codes hard at work across the globe!

    QR Code Missing Children

    1. Several organizations are working to locate missing children by posting QR codes in public places. Each code links to photos and information about the child who has gone missing. Learn more.

    Mercedes Uses QR code for vehicles

    2. Mercedes-Benz has initiated the move to include crucial rescue information on QR code stickers located on the outside of each vehicle. This technology has the potential to save valuable time for emergency responders at accident scenes. Learn More.

    Gone Fishin’… With a Little Help from RFID Tags and Barcodes

    RFID Tracking Sailfish

    Avid fishermen in Oregon and Washington State have no need to worry about fish populations. Fish and Wildlife Departments utilize RFID tags to monitor fish populations and determine sport fishing seasons, fish limits, and where closures must be made. Learn More.

    Barcode Preserves Fishing

    In other fishing news, season pass holders for private fishing grounds have barcodes to thank for a quick start to their fishing day. Many of these fishing grounds have given season pass holders a barcoded ID tag to allow them fast and efficient admission to fishing grounds – far ahead of daily pass holders. Isn’t the expression, “The early bird gets the… fish?!” Learn More.



    Honeywell Scanning and MobilityL-Tron Corporation and Honeywell Scanning & Mobility have partnered together for nearly 30 years. In 1983, L-Tron was one of the first channel partners to begin working with Welch Allyn Data Collection. Welch Allyn later merged with Hand Held Products to become HHP in 1999. In 2007, the company was acquired by Honeywell to form Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. Today, L-Tron is proud to maintain a close relationship with Honeywell Scanning & Mobility, an industry leader in laser- and image-based data collection, including mobile computing and barcode scanning.

    Throughout our partnership, L-Tron has seen today’s consumer devices shift from cell phones to smartphones, while the demand for all-in-one enterprise devices has grown exponentially. Laura Kelleher, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility’s Director of Marketing, Americas, recently answered some questions for us regarding the evolution of scanning and computing devices in enterprise-based applications. Here is what she had to say.

    Laura Kelleher at HoneywellQ: What types of enterprises are using consumer-grade devices to manage their automation?

    A: This shift is occurring in more consumer-facing applications, including retail in-store and healthcare point-of-care.

    In supply chain applications, a premium is still placed on device security and ruggedness, a factor that is continuing to drive the need for industrial-class mobile devices for workers on the floor or in trucks. The combination of mobility and PC functionality that a warehouse or fleet supervisor can get from a rugged hand-held or tablet form factor can replace an office PC and allow that supervisor to perform tasks and handle expectations more efficiently.

    There is also greater mobility in other functions, such as quality control, maintenance, and receiving – areas where the worker may previously have had a fixed PC workstation or a laptop. These workers want the whole office at hand, without having to carry a laptop around. Enterprise leaders need to determine whether a rugged or semi-rugged device would deliver a lower cost of ownership for these applications, or if a consumer-grade device would do.

    Q: Will enterprises begin deploying a mix of rugged devices for some workers and consumer devices for others?

    A: There’s definitely more diversity in deployed devices. The objective for businesses is to optimize each worker’s productivity at each node along a workflow, by providing the right data capture device for that specific task.

    Q: Are some enterprises resistant to this type of “Big Data” deployment?

    A: Not really, simply because the technology is so customizable that it’s hard to feel force-fed. The supply chains that don’t have real-time visibility from the point of sale all the way back to the point of manufacture will have difficulty meeting consumer demand. The advice I’d give a business struggling with too many data-capture options is to find a partner who can help optimize each step in their workflow in a way that is scalable and future-proof, and enable them to manage their entire system from a single remote location.


    Advantech TPC-1840WP

    Advantech TPC-1840WP 18″ Multi-Touch Panel Computer
    Looking for quick and easy access to mission-critical information in manufacturing control environments, building automation or HMI applications? Advantech’s intuitive multi-touch PC won the 2013 if Award for product design, offering users easy operation and convenient viewing of information with just a simple finger touch. With advanced graphical performance, the 1840WP provides 40% more screen area than 4:3 displays and supports HDMI for a second display application. If you need a larger PC, look for the 2140WP 21″ model, which is coming soon! Learn More.

    Honeywell Dolphin 70e Black

    Honeywell Dolphin 70e Black
    You don’t usually hear the words “rugged” and “smartphone” in the same sentence, do you? Well think again! The Dolphin 70e Black combines smartphone sophistication with rugged mobile resilience. The 70e Black expertly scans both 1D and 2D barcodes, while its pocket-sized, lightweight form factor is tough enough to withstand drops to concrete surfaces. The device is readable in direct sunlight and has an impressive extended battery charge to boot. Learn More.

    Zebra Xi4 Termal Label Printers

    Zebra Xi4™ Thermal Label Printer Series The Xi4 delivers superior performance and reliability when you need it most – even in challenging high-volume printing environments. With blazingly fast print speeds, the Xi4 prints up to 12 inches per second, in either thermal transfer or direct thermal mode! Learn More.

    L-Tron 4910LR License Reader

    L-Tron 4910LR Driver’s License Reader If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, the 4910LR is the ideal choice for patrol car applications. From traffic stops to accident scenes, the 4910 allows patrol officers to spend less time on manual paperwork and more time improving public safety. Learn More.


    Customer Service

    Why Choose L-Tron?
    By Gayle DeRose and Sally Schneider

    When people ask us about L-Tron, our first response is to let them know that L-Tron provides cutting edge data collection and industrial automation solutions.

    But lately we’ve been talking about what is L-Tron, and why choose L-Tron?

    Yes, L-Tron provides automation solutions for enterprises and government agencies, and yes, L-Tron offers the latest mobile computing and barcoding technology; yet these statements do not capture the heart and soul that goes on behind the scenes at L-Tron.

    Gayle and Sally talks about customer service

    If you really want to know what L-Tron is, we think it is important to communicate that our mission isn’t just to sell innovative technology. Our motto is: Your Success is Our Passion – and we “walk the talk.”

    So how do we help our customers be successful? There are lots of ways, but the following example of service excellence from Sally, L-Tron’s Operations Lead, summarizes it nicely. Continue reading.


    We'll love to hear from youCustomer satisfaction is our #1 priority, so we’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you want to read or learn more about in the next issue of L-Tron’s Technology News You Can Use. E-mail the C.O.O. at gayle.derose@L-Tron.com.

    Our customers are our #1 priority. As always, please email Gayle or call (800) 830-9523 with any other general inquiries or feedback you might have!


    Law Enforcement Product News Feature

    L-Tron Product in National Spotlight!

    We’re thrilled to announce that L-Tron’s 4910LR Area Imaging Scanner is featured in the May/June edition of Law Enforcement Product News magazine. We’re also in the spotlight on Officer.com.
    Check out the article here!

    Advantech Premiere Partner

    L-Tron/Advantech Partnership Alliance

    Advantech Industrial Automation Group has named L-Tron its AOnline Engaged Channel Partner (AECP) for the Northeastern U.S. L-Tron’s Jeremy Miller, who is trained in all Advantech Automation products, has been designated Advantech Specialist. Learn More.

    Your News Now

    L-Tron Featured on Local News

    YNN, a Rochester, NY news station recently stopped in to do a business profile segment on L-Tron. Watch the segment and read the article here!

    L-Tron New Hires and Promotions

    • Lauralee Vegvari has joined our Operations team and Doris Paliani has joined our Accounts Receivable Department. Welcome!
    • Congratulations to Sally Schneider on her recent promotion to Operations Lead!

    Click here for more news and events.


    25° Scanning Angle

    Tip #1: 2D Barcode Scanning Angle

    Is your 2D barcode reader giving you trouble? Try adjusting the angle from which you are scanning. 2D barcodes read best at an angle of 20-25° from the barcode.

    Striked Thermal Paper

    Tip #2: Direct Thermal Printing Labels

    Did you know that you can test to see if a label is direct thermal by striking it with your fingernail like you would a match? Direct thermal labels will leave a mark from the heat generated by the friction of your nail on the surface!

    We are here for you! Contact L-Tron if you need assistance.


    Nexus 7 TabletGoogle Nexus 7 Tablet Giveaway!

    We had an outstanding response to our last scavenger hunt promotion, so we’re having another! Stay tuned on our promo page for the upcoming Nexus 7 tablet giveaway!

    Congrats to our Scavenger Hunt iPad mini Giveaway Recipient!

    An anonymous entrant from Michigan was choosen as our June 2013 recipient of a new iPad mini, a $329 value!

    ''I must say that dealing with your company has been a great experience. The promptness of responses and communication has been outstanding and I will be recommending your company to everyone in the law enforcement field.''

    -Scott, Chief of Police, Pennsylvania

    596 Fishers Station Drive • Victor, NY 14564 • (800) 830-9523 • info@L-Tron.comwww.L-Tron.com
    L-Tron’s Technology News You Can Use • Volume 2 • Summer 2013