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QR Codes All Day, Every Day

QR Code in a swing

QR Codes (a type of 2D barcode) are everywhere. Wake up in the morning and brush your teeth. There’s a QR Code on your mouthwash bottle. Grab a coffee at the drive-thru. Your cup has a QR Code. Email a coworker by scanning her QR Code. Walk through downtown during lunch. The famous landmark you pass by carries a QR Code. Exchange business cards with a client at work. Another QR Code. Flip through the mail when you get home. QR Codes, galore. Interested in taking advantage of this trend? Use L-Tron’s free QR Code generator and give yourself a pat on the back. You’re hip and modern now!

Tracking Students Electronically

Tracking Students with RFID

RFID is commonly used for asset tracking in warehouses and shipment centers. The technology transmits radio waves to electronically tagged items and then back to an electronic reader for tracking purposes. Most recently, RFID has been used in the public school system. A high school in Texas has piloted an RFID progam this 2012-2013 school year to make sure students are in class when the bell rings. In this program, students are required to wear ID tags with embedded RFID chips. Although the program has been accepted by most in the Texas community, there is some controversy in whether RFID chips invade student privacy.

The Latest Buzz: Acoustic Barcodes

Acoustic Barcodes

Scratch, scratch, scratch. What’s that sound? It’s the sound of an upcoming barcode technology – the acoustic barcode! An acoustic barcode is created by physically indenting a barcode-like pattern onto a surface. To “scan” the code, one would have to simply scratch the grooves, creating a unique sound for your future smartphone to “hear” and execute. Stay tuned and listen carefully!

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Advantech Corporation
Advantech Premier PartnerL-Tron began partnering with Advantech Corporation over 20 years ago, offering the highest quality, highest performance computing platforms to integrate with our clients’ requirements. Advantech specializes in world-class Industrial Automation, Networks & Communications DMS, Applied Computing DMS, Embedded Core Computing, Service Automation, and Embedded Systems & Intelligent Platforms.

Advantech Premier PartnerWe recently had the opportunity to interview Ming-Chin Wu, the President of the Industrial Automation Group at Advantech Corporation, regarding the ever-changing sphere of industrial computing, as well as the Company’s AASECO acronym. Here is what he had to say.

Q: How has Advantech evolved over the years to embrace new industry trends?

A: Advantech uses the “IMAX” structure to form our innovation platform. Basically, we embrace new industry trends and keep pace with technical and product innovation through the following four approaches. The four approaches go hand-in-hand and complement each other.

I stands for Incubation and it means internal bred.

M is for Merger and it also includes acquisition.

A refers to Alliance and it is an external strategic alliances approach.

X (or X Product) is for the unknown and future early innovative product research and development. Together with Taiwan’s leading colleges, we have explored many new application fields and industry trends.

Advantech Premier PartnerQ: What is the meaning of AASECO and how did AASECO originate?

A: AASECO stands for Advantech Automation Sales Eco Partnership. Since the first day in business, Advantech has formed strong and lasting partnerships with many well-established channel partners to deliver prompt and reliable local services for our customers. Through rigorous training and validation, our partners are certified anually, guaranteeing a high standard of quality and service. With these dedicated and well-trained sales and technical support teams, Advantech customers can enjoy outstanding quality services and early access to the latest industrial computing solutions. I would say the cooperative relationship with our channel partners is one of the keys to our business success.

Q: How do you envision AASECO contributing to Advantech’s five-year growth plan?

Advantech Premier PartnerA: Currently, Advantech has more than 5,000 employees worldwide, but with our channel partners, it totals over 20,000. It is obvious to see the power of our channel partners. We are already the global leader in the IPC sector and I believe very soon we will take the leading position in industrial panel computing, as well.

L-Tron 4910LR Next-Gen Area Imager

4910LR Microphone-Style Area Imaging Scanner
We’ve done it again! Following the successful legacy of our 4810LR scanner, L-Tron has developed a high-tech driver’s license reader for Law Enforcement, Dept. of Transportation and security-based applications. Powered by Honeywell’s Adaptus® Imaging Technology 6.0, the imager’s fast, aggressive scanning of 1D, 2D and PDF barcodes on highly reflective surfaces saves time and prevents manual errors. Purpose-built for today’s patrol car, the durable 4910LR is compatible with TraCS software and captures the images and signatures associated with e-citations, accident reporting, and incident reporting. The compact imager features a user-friendly spring-mounted microphone design and comes equipped with a green LED aimer for laser-free, accurate scanning. Learn More.

ZT200 Series Printer
Isn’t it great when a company listens to customer feedback and acts on it? Zebra Technologies has done so with its ZT200 Series industrial tabletop printers. The ZT220 and ZT230 printers were designed using the best attributes from other Zebra printer models, coupled with the integration of customer feedback. ZT200 printers are easy to set up, operate, maintain and service. More economical than other industrial tabletop printers, this series offers space-saving resiliency. Learn More.

Honeywell Voyager 1400gVoyager 1400g Scanner Honeywell’s omnidirectional barcode scanner is affordable now… and upgradeable if you need more functionality down the road. Pay only for the features you want, including linear, PDF and/or 2D. Learn More. Advantech EKI-2525EKI-2525 5-Port Switch For a Fast Ethernet solution, Advantech’s 5-Port Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch supports 10/100Mbps and tolerates reverse power wiring. Options include: extreme temperature operation, PoE, and fiber-optic ports. Learn More.
NFC Tags

Lighter Purse, Less Clutter:
Will NFC Tags Really Simplify My Life?
Carmella Giancursio

My purse is no longer a purse.

As the mother of two young boys, my oversized handbag has become a diaper bag, a toy box, a lunchbox, and a garbage bag – as well as the bottomless pit I need to dig through daily to find my keys and cash. When I leave the house, I often have a variety of papers stuffed inside, as well. Anything from flyers and coupons to lists and invitations.

And then there’s my wallet. Driver’s license. Several credit cards. A few loyalty cards. Insurance cards. Tickets. Countless stamp/punch cards. Gift cards. Membership cards galore. It’s not pretty.

My right shoulder hurts from all of the excess weight. There has to be a better way! Thankfully, my days of overabundant clutter may be coming to an end. All I need is a smartphone with NFC technology. Continue reading.

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How to Choose a Receipt Printer:

Thermal Label PrinterBefore you add a receipt printer to your shopping cart, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Here is a checklist of questions to help you decide which model is best for you.

  • Which type(s) of interface options do you need?
  • Would thermal or impact better suit your needs?
  • Do you need a tear bar or auto-cutter?
  • Which accessories do you need to get your printer up and running? Are they included?

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