103rd International Association for Identification

103rd International Association for Identification (IAI) Conference Wrap Up

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Travel a 20-year detour in public service, stick to your standards, add some professional doubt, and you just might surpass your career goals after all. That’s what L-Tron Corporation’s Andrew McNeill did last month at the 103rd International Association for Identification (IAI) Educational Conference.   The retired Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy and certified IAI Senior Crime… Read More

OSCR360 for Fire & Emergency Management

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OSCR360 is a mulit-jurisdiction solution who partners with: Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Emergency Management and the DEC. OSCR360 is a two-part solution made up of a capture kit and desktop software. Take 360 degree full spherical images with the capture kit and add in multi media evidence to provide a full virutal tour presentation with… Read More

OSCR360 for Active Shooter Planning and Response

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magnetic mount for the 4910lr

Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR DL Reader

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The Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR DL Reader is an add-on enhancement to use in place of your standard mic clip. The mag mount is: Easy to install Easy to use and saves time Reduces distractions – improves your safety Purpose built for rugged environments (aka…your patrol vehicle)

4910LR magnetic mount

4910LR DL Reader Magnetic Mount Datasheet

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Magnetic Mount for the 4910LR The 4910LR DL Reader Magnetic Mount, offered at $29.50, is an add-on enhancement to use in place of the standard microphone clip mount included with the 4910LR DL barcode reader kit. The magnetic mount uses a self centering design which makes it quick to stick the 4910LR DL scanner to… Read More

Refresher Forensic Photography Training Course Flyer

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NYSTARS forensic Photography Course


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OSCR360 Brighton PD

OSCR360: More Than Just a Camera for Crime and Crash Scenes

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More Than Just a Camera For Crime and Crash Scenes [Whitepaper] Gain a full understanding of the OSCR360 solution for Law Enforcement and Prosecuting Attorneys. Hear from several OSCR users, how OSCR was used during active investigations and inside the courtroom. This whitepaper is authored by Hank Kula: Hank is a retired police sergeant with 26… Read More

PSP Crash

Key Components of a Comprehensive Crash Investigation

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There are many components of a complete and comprehensive crash investigation. The first officer to arrive at a crash typically finds it chaotic at best. As in any situation, the officer’s first priority is the preservation of life.  Second is the preservation of the scene and any possible evidence. Once the scene is secured and… Read More

how to engage and retain millennials

How to Engage and Retain Millennials in the Workforce

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Millennials tend to get a bad rap of being lazy, entitled and disloyal. If even a whisper of this was true, Millennials wouldn’t stand a chance in the job market. Why would anyone want to hire someone like this? Yet, the reality is that 75% of the workforce will be millennials in the next ten… Read More