How could OSCR have assisted Ontario County with the 2009 Valentines Day Homicide?

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  “OSCR360 could have given us a huge advantage in how we organized and presented the 2009 Valentines Day Homicide case”   Retired Crime Scene Technician, Pete Butler, and Sergeant James Alexander of the Ontario County Sheriff’s Department reflect back to a 2009 homicide investigation, in which a man executed two parents while their children… Read More

who is dr henry lee

Who is Dr Henry Lee?

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Dr. Henry Lee is a world-renowned forensic scientist with over four decades of international experience in the forensics field. Dr. Lee is known for his capability to help solve high-profile trial cases by discovering small or seemingly hidden evidence. Read more here. Some of the notable high profile cases Dr. Lee worked are: John F…. Read More

where is oscr traveling

OSCR is Traveling the Country

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Call 800-830-9523 x115 Email OSCR HOME OSCR for Law E OSCR for Arson OSCR for Schools OSCR for DEC is Traveling the Country OSCR is teaming with Federal, State and Local Agencies, Police Departments & Sheriff’s Offices, District Attorney’s Offices, Fire Departments, Environmental Safety Agencies, Universities, schools, and more. OSCR is assisting agencies with… Read More

how to fund oscr

How to Fund OSCR360

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In this Infographic, you will learn how to fund your OSCR360. This past year, OSCR has traveled to over 200 Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement, Fire, Environmental Safety agencies, as well as schools and universities nationwide. Click to view where OSCR is going. Everyone is falling in love with with the system, and everyone… Read More

oscr360 uses

What is OSCR360? Everything to Everyone

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What is OSCR360? One tool that does everything.   From Spork to Swiss army knife, since at least (201-300 A.D.) the human race has crammed convenience and functionality into singular forms. Whether gear, or strategic approach, today the “multi-tool” reigns supreme.   In the public safety sector, the OSCR360 spherical photographic solution, began as a… Read More

About L-Tron, Law Enforcement

About Us

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Welcome to L-Tron! Take a look inside our four walls. Click to Print a PDF  

Dare to be Different: Choose to #RAKtheDay

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Together, we are a force for good. This holiday season, join us in the spirit of giving by helping to provide clean water for those who don’t have access. Choose to #RAKtheDay. Each time you use the hashtag #RAKtheDay, L-Tron will donate $1 to World Concern. Click to view or download a PDF   How… Read More


OSCR360 for Arson Investigation & Emergency Management

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103rd International Association for Identification

103rd International Association for Identification (IAI) Conference Wrap Up

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Travel a 20-year detour in public service, stick to your standards, add some professional doubt, and you just might surpass your career goals after all. That’s what L-Tron Corporation’s Andrew McNeill did last month at the 103rd International Association for Identification (IAI) Educational Conference.   The retired Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy and certified IAI Senior Crime… Read More

OSCR360 for Fire & Emergency Management

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OSCR360 is a mulit-jurisdiction solution who partners with: Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Emergency Management and the DEC. OSCR360 is a two-part solution made up of a capture kit and desktop software. Take 360 degree full spherical images with the capture kit and add in multi media evidence to provide a full virutal tour presentation with… Read More