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Customers are often in the market for bioptic scanners because they want to reduce customer wait time in check-out lines, improve their overall customer service and increase cashier productivity. In the hustle and bustle of demanding retail environments, such as supermarkets, it is crucial for bioptic scanners to perform consistently and swiftly.

Characteristics of superior bioptic scanners include:
  • High first-pass scanning performance
  • Ability to read poor quality and high density bar codes
  • Ease of installation, set-up, and upgradeability

L-Tron provides the highest quality five and six-sided bioptic scanners/scales optimized for environments where top down scanning is preferred. Bioptic scanners and scales from L-Tron provide retailers with high-throughput efficiency and aggressive first-pass scanning performance, while increasing productivity in challenging, high-volume environments. Our scanners are easily set-up and ensure continuous, efficient operation to maximize both customer and cashier satisfaction, even within the constraints of seated and/or small checkout environments. An experienced L-Tron representative would be happy to discuss your bioptic scanning needs.  Please contact us today!