Use Mobile Devices to Improve the Retail Customer Experience

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(A 2 minute read…) Everyone makes mistakes. But in the retail industry, you might not have the opportunity to fix it. A 2015 LoyaltyOne study of “dysfunctional retail touchpoints” uncovered that 81% of unhappy shoppers do not complain to the store management about the experience. They leave quietly and share their complaint with everyone else—friends,… Read More

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Can Retailers Pump up POS for a Better Shopper Experience?

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Retaining customer loyalty is a direct result of the quality of the shopper experience. Most shoppers will say the biggest bump in the path to purchase is the checkout—or specifically, the lines. Self-checkout has become less of a novelty as more retailers have invested in the POS technology to empower customers to handle this task… Read More

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Barcode Scanners from High Density to Extended Range

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When I started working here, I had no idea about the different scanning ranges offered on various barcode scanners and why different options were required. My assumption brought me to believe that the scanner or imager would simply work at any close range and scanning items at a distance was simply not in the cards…. Read More

Money on the move: The future of mobile payments

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Cash is becoming obsolete. It’s cumbersome.  And when you can pay for something as small as a pack of gum by waving your phone or card at a machine, why bother weighing yourself down with something as “old-news” as dollar bills and coins? Consumers are in a never-ending search for the next cool thing that… Read More

EMV Liability Shift – October 2015

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As I sit down to write this post on September 30, the unfolding EMV initiative (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the companies that originated EMV) is less than one day away from a major milestone in the US; liability shift. Most of us are at least aware of the new cards we’ve been receiving with integrated… Read More

EMV: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  Q: Why should I read this article about EMV FAQs? A: If you don’t already know about EMV, not reading this article jeopardizes your job and possibly the survival of your company. It could cost you and your company a lot of money. If you have heard of EMV, I would still recommend that… Read More