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OSCR360 is an easy-to-use, two-part system made up of a spherical photography capture kit and desktop software. Document your schools with 360 degree imaging. Build a virtual tour presentation to familiarize yourself with schools, to train, and respond to the unthinkable.
OSCR is on NYS Contract #PT66773

Watch how OSCR360 assists with active shooter and critical incident preplanning,
response, processing & review.

“We are using OSCR360 to capture photos and floor plans of our schools, every hallway, classroom, utility closet, etc. In the OSCR software, we are overlaying the school blue prints on the map and placing pins on those blueprints to virtually walk through the building. The final projects will be uploaded to every single patrol vehicle in our fleet so that every officer and command personnel has access to the projects should a critical incident occur.”

Deputy Victor Arena

School Resource Officer, Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office

1. Prepare with Confidence

OSCR360 teams with you and helps you prepare for the unthinkable. Familiarize yourself with schools and public spaces.

  • Document Schools and High Value Targets
  • Provide proactive individualized training with OSCR360 virtual tours
  • Equip your entire fleet with the OSCR360 school virtual tours
  • Share your OSCR360 projects with other jurisdictions, EMS, Fire and Dispatch centers
Have more confidence to enter the building.

Have more confidence to lead your team. 

Have more confidence to lead your first responders through the building using  your OSCR360 project with accurate mapping and imagery, right from your command post.

2. Respond with Confidence

3. Process & Review

Use OSCR360 to process the scene and review the incident.

Start post incident docuementation immediately using OSCR360 to capture spherical photos of the evidence.

Use the OSCR360 presentation software to deliver a virtual tour in the courtroom.

Review, modify and change and critical incident response procedures.

How else can OSCR assist Officers?

How can OSCR assist Fire Departments

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