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Be Our Guest: Hotel Technology Trends that Increase Guest Satisfaction

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I checked into a hotel recently and received the familiar key card. When I got in the elevator and pressed the button to my floor, nothing happened. I pressed it again—like when I was waiting for that same elevator and kept pressing the up button over and over again, thinking I was somehow expediting its… Read More

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Travelers Expect More Technology from the Hospitality Industry

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(A 2 minute read…) Travelers are hitting the road and surrounding themselves with smartphones, tablets, laptops, electronic readers, smartwatches, etc. You see, Generation-Y and Generation-Z members grew up surrounded by technology. Some even say their cell phones act as a “third limb” and they cannot live without technology. Many of these now adult travelers were… Read More

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Disney’s latest guest experience technology: Immersion or invasion?

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(A 3 minute read…) Three years ago, Disney World in Orlando not only welcomed visitors to be their guest, but also began presenting them with a new way to enjoy the experience. The Magic Band Disney introduced the Magic Band, a waterproof, electronic wristband enables the park’s guests to wander through every area of every… Read More

How do Systems Engineers Ensure Theme Park Ride Safety?

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  (A 3 minute read…) Every year, America’s 400 theme parks welcome approximately 335 million visitors and water parks attract about 85 million people, according to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). An average of 4,423 children are treated in emergency rooms each year for amusement-related injuries, according to a 20-year study… Read More

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Technology Serves up Improved Food Safety for the Hospitality Industry

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(A 3 minute read…) When you go out to eat, what’s on your plate might not be exactly what you ordered. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 65% of food borne outbreaks and 44% of outbreak-associated illnesses in the U.S. were traced back to a restaurant. The FDA’s food service regulations vary by… Read More