ISO/AS9100: 2015 Certification.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification is a Big Deal!

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Written by Carmella Giancursio If you’ve worked with us or partnered with us before, chances are that you already know this: Quality matters to us. Customer satisfaction is huge. For years, our tag line has read, “Your success is our passion” – and we mean it! Over the last year, we worked our tails off during… Read More

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Be Our Guest: Hotel Technology Trends that Increase Guest Satisfaction

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I checked into a hotel recently and received the familiar key card. When I got in the elevator and pressed the button to my floor, nothing happened. I pressed it again—like when I was waiting for that same elevator and kept pressing the up button over and over again, thinking I was somehow expediting its… Read More

Rising to the Top with Gayle

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(a 3 minute read) Welcome back to my latest blog series on the people of L-Tron. If you missed my first blog on Julianne from the Marketing Team, you can read it here: Meet Our Peeps, Julianne. Today we are going to learn a bit more about Gayle DeRose, the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Gayle… Read More

Use Mobile Devices to Improve the Retail Customer Experience

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(A 2 minute read…) Everyone makes mistakes. But in the retail industry, you might not have the opportunity to fix it. A 2015 LoyaltyOne study of “dysfunctional retail touchpoints” uncovered that 81% of unhappy shoppers do not complain to the store management about the experience. They leave quietly and share their complaint with everyone else—friends,… Read More

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Meet our Peeps: Julianne

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Meet Our Peeps: Julianne (a 3 minute read) Today’s blog is going to be a little bit different than my normal blogs because I won’t be talking technology. Instead, I wanted to start a fun new series that I plan to continue over the coming months, and this series will be all about the people… Read More

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Disney’s latest guest experience technology: Immersion or invasion?

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(A 3 minute read…) Three years ago, Disney World in Orlando not only welcomed visitors to be their guest, but also began presenting them with a new way to enjoy the experience. The Magic Band Disney introduced the Magic Band, a waterproof, electronic wristband enables the park’s guests to wander through every area of every… Read More

A Customer is Your Most Important Visitor

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Not long ago, I was waiting in line to check out at a store. I overheard a cashier grumbling about the long line of customers and that she was leaving shortly, no matter what I couldn’t help thinking how thankful we are for our customers for without them we would not have a Company, we truly… Read More


How L-Tron Began: Seeing the Future of Barcodes

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In these days of fast-paced changes, it takes a visionary leader to keep a company on track toward a bright future.  But you also have to start with a powerful vision. Starting in 1970  Back in the early 1970s, my father used to talk about barcodes. He saw them as a game-changer. I remember sitting… Read More

L-Tron receives Technology Business of the Year Award

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Since the beginning, L-Tron Corporation has centered on delivering excellence. That was 41 years ago, and our commitment to continually seek ways to improve hasn’t changed. We were honored to have our efforts recognized recently when we received the 2016 Technology Business of the Year Award, at the 12th Annual Victor Business Awards. The award is presented… Read More

L-Tron’s Beginnings – Women in Leadership Roles

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It’s not too often we hear about or see women in technology leadership roles. In a world where women now make up the majority of the workforce, this ‘women in technology’ (or lack-there-of) stigma needs to change. Discover how Gayle DeRose, L-Tron’s COO, Marketing Director, and Co-Owner, grew into a leadership role in our company and how she chose the… Read More