Spherical Images

It’s All About Perspective, Part 2 – Spherical Images

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  Spherical 360-degree photography is revolutionizing crime scene evidence capture and courtroom presentation. In addition to capturing the crime scene with minimal disturbance and catering to today’s demands for hi-tech courtrooms, as discussed in “It’s all about Perspective Part One: Courtroom Perspective,” 360-degree spherical images have several outstanding applications.   A Virtual Reality Tool Spherical photography… Read More

Courtroom Perspective

It’s All About Perspective Part 1 – Courtroom Perspective

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Perspective /pər’ spektiv/ n. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. It’s All About Courtroom Perspective In the courtroom, it is the attorney’s job to influence the attitudes of the jury, and deliver a conviction by presenting solid evidence. Traditionally, courtroom perspective has been influenced by verbal testimony, still… Read More

Policeman's Ball 2018

Backing the Blue…Both In and Out of the Office

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We’ve been doing business with law enforcement for 17+ years, and our relationship with law enforcement started out as just that – business. But times change. As we got to know some of our law enforcement clients and really took the time to listen, our relationship with many municipalities began to change. We’ve developed close… Read More

Meet the L-Tron Marketing Team

The Evolution of the L-Tron Marketing Team

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“…and the winner of the 2018 Pinnacle Marketing Awards goes to…. L-Tron Corporation!” How did L-Tron Corporation, a data collection and industrial automation company – NOT a marketing firm, manage to win a prestigious marketing award from the American Marketing Academy (AMA)? It all started about 8 years ago.. RAD DeRose, L-Tron’s President and CEO,… Read More

CSI Effect

Two sides of the story: CSI Effect

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Written by Carmella Giancursio Crime and courtroom dramas captivate millions of viewers worldwide, so it comes as no surprise to discover popular shows like CSI and Law and Order have huge impact off-screen. Many judges and attorneys report an increase in a phenomenon known as the “CSI Effect.” The CSI Effect is thought to be… Read More

flash bang vs light grenade

Light Grenade VS Flash Bang

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Written by Carmella Giancursio   Have you heard of a Light Grenade? Often when we ask people that question, the common response is a Light Grenade is a “flashbang” which may also be referred to as a “stun grenade” or “flash grenade”. Guess what? They’re wrong. What is a Light Grenade? A Light Grenade is… Read More

2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

Technology at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

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Written by Carmella Giancursio Another Winter Olympic Games has begun and we all know what that means: Athletes paraded through the Opening Ceremonies. Countries vying for the lead in the gold medal count. Graceful figure skaters leaping and twirling through the air. Focused skiers swooshing swiftly through the course. Bobsled teams speeding down the track…. Read More

young engineer

12 Ways to Celebrate Engineers Week

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Written by Carmella Giancursio  Engineers Week is an annual event that occurs the 3rd week in February. This year, the week runs from February 18-24th, 2018. If you have engineers in your office, you may be looking for small ways to acknowledge them in honor of the week-long observance. Here are 12 simple ways to… Read More

what do jurors expect in the courtroom

It’s the Digital Age: What do Jurors Expect in the Courtroom?

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Written by Carmella Giancursio It’s 2018. For the past several decades, huge advancements have been made in personal technology. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have at least one piece of modern technology, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Businesses are tech-savvy, schools are tech-savvy, adults are tech-savvy, kids are… Read More

ISO/AS9100: 2015 Certification.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification is a Big Deal!

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Written by Carmella Giancursio If you’ve worked with us or partnered with us before, chances are that you already know this: Quality matters to us. Customer satisfaction is huge. For years, our tag line has read, “Your success is our passion” – and we mean it! Over the last year, we worked our tails off during… Read More